Get lost in Nature. Find yourself.

We believe personal development is the key to a happy and effective life. ‘Know yourself’. Taking on this personal leadership is about exploring both your light as well as your dark side. Explore both your passions/talents ánd face your shadows. Face the things you preferably avoid to look at. For our personal effectiveness in both our professional and private life it is extremely helpful to learn to recognize and heal these triggers. (triggers: situations in which we blame others for our emotions, in etc) We don’t believe in training ourself to ‘control’. We believe in coming free of them. Take full responsibility for your life and emotions. It is confrontational in the beginning. But it opens a gateway to self development. Doing this in compassion to yourself and the other. This will enable you to pluck the talents which are hidden underneath these triggers. This brings you to authentic leadership. Experience to be your true radiating self. We believe it to be most effective to guide these exiting, inner journeys in an pristine inspiring natural environment. Grounded, free from impulses. Unplug, come to your nature in nature, with a small peergroup circle as your perfect support and mirror.