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A brotherhood retreat in Swedish nature

An unforgettable Nature Retreat in pristine Sweden

Inspired by ancient traditions, far away from sounds of civilization. Surrounded by the harmonious energy of nature we facilitate you and a small group of co-travellers on a 5 day’s journey to yourself.

See upcoming retreat 15 . 19 May 2024

About us

We are passionate about nature and fascinated by personal development.
With our broad experience in both nature as well as in leadership development we choose to offer 'rites of passage'. Unforgettable experiences in nature in which you as an individual or as a team are invited to unplug, to take a standstill for a journey into yourself. Free from busy life and phones. Inspired by the ancient indigenous practices such as vision quest, breathwork, shamanic drum journeying, and the sweatlodge ceremony.
In our programs we love to touch and integrate heart, head and intuition. So to get beyond our thinking alone. Thus at times we apply playful, on purpose literally 'mind-boggling' workforms. All in all we like to create a safe, fun and experiential setting which provides insights and experiences about ourselves, our interactions and about our purpose in life. Programs which makes us feel into our next steps which lie around the corner.
See you in Nature.

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See the latest news from our blog
See the latest news from our blog

Here we are

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We live close to Stjärnsund, at the border of a sunny lake, surrounded by forest, in Södra Dalarna. Stjärnsund is a village with many sustainable initiatives: with a permaculture garden, tiny houses, and where many inspiring courses are being held. For example yoga retreats, sustainable house building, perma-culture, and food forestry. In the summer several concerts are being held in the village. A place worth to visit!

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