"Nature shows us a path to self love"

We wish to contribute to a balanced planet with balanced people and balanced personal leadership. Becoming our own best friend.


"Find your way home to your own true nature"

We facilitate personal leadership programs in nature.
We offer an unforgettable adventurous experience in which you are invited to unplug, relax and make time for a wonderful journey into yourself, away from busy life and phones. Embraced by pristine nature and inspired by the ancient indigenous practice of a vision quest, we offer you a magical setting to take a standstill and resonate with nature.
Deepen your insights about yourself and your interactions in life. Feel into what next steps lie around the corner.


"Putting ourselves to stillness, in solitude."

Surrounded by the harmonious energy and sounds of nature we facilitate you on your journey.
Partly together, supported by the group and partly on your own.
Trekking mindful as a pack through the beautiful landscape. Inviting stillness and connection with ourselves, each other and with nature.
We work with elements like yoga, meditation, fire, ceremony, bodywork, music and of course with sharing. Starting from within, working both in a circle and in solitude, allowing and presencing the sacred.

Who are we?

Combining our different backgrounds we share a deep love for nature

We experience nature to be our teacher and inspiring friend for finding more peace and trust. Learning more about ourselves and our path in life.
Annika brings in her experience as yoga teacher and nature guide. She has studied outdoor leadership, alternative medicine and has a big interest in medicinal plants and herbs. Bernhard has experience in leadership programs in nature, executive(team)coaching and facilitating dialogue in change processes in organizations and communities. Native Americans taught him shamanic ceremonies which he integrates in his work.
We believe in learning together with you. We long to share our passion for nature and to be each other’s teacher on our journeys together.