An ancient journey, in brotherhood, into yourself

We invite you to come home with us, to nature, to your inner nature.
We invite you to join an ancient rite of passage. Far away from sounds of civilization and material distractions. In brotherhood and in solitude, guided by ancient ceremonies we stand still at questions that probably linger in all of us:

  • Who am I? Free from day-to-day’s rush…when at night the call of the loom echo’s over the lake.
  • What is my purpose? ..when the sound of the silenced drum still resonates in me.
  • And what is the humbling presence of Mother Nature telling me?

In a pristine landscape of forests, lakes, and wildlife we will hike through forests, canoe over pristine lakes, build base camp and trust among each other. We will cook outdoors, and experience the workings of ancient practices as drumming, sharing, holotropic breathwork, a sweatlodge ceremony, and a 24-hour vision quest in solitude in nature. A journey in brotherhood of which we pray in humbleness it will give us a deeper sense of ourselves, our purpose in life, and so how to relate to the people around us, and to Mother Earth.

Some references of previous adventurers

What a journey! A beautiful and deepening experience from head to deep heart. In a subtle and sincere way, Bernhard guides you step by step on this journey to yourself. In pristine nature, working with exercises, brotherhood sharing, and rituals. Taking a true standstill’
– Marco Snel, entrepreneur

‘Back to zero and sometimes even below, and back to the naked truth of nature and the naked truth of myself.’ – Victor Timmermans, manager.

Practicalities of the program

  • We start and finish our expedition in our village Stjärnsund, (shared rooms)
  • Welcome and check-in: Wednesday 6 sept @18:00 – Check out: Sunday 10 sept @15:00
  • The night upon arriving we stay and eat in Fridhem in Stjärnsund – full board, deliciously vegetarian (N.B. in case of allergies or special diets, please inform us)
  • The days and nights following we will go into nature.
    Sleep in a tipi, and during the 24 hours ‘Vision Quest’ you’ll be fasting and sleeping under the open sky or under a tarp (and eventually a mosquito net)

Logistics – How to get there?

  • By car: Google maps – Stjärnsund – Dalarna
  • International: Fly in to Arlanda airport (Stockholm)
  • Take a rental car from Arlanda (2:15 min)
  • Take the train to Hedemora, we pick you up there

To bring yourself

  • Warm sleeping bag (0 Deg), sleeping mat, warm/dry clothes and shoes
  • 2 l Water container/bottles
    We will provide a more detailed packing list after your signing up

More information

Mail us in case you are hungry for more information 🙂 All questions are good questions.

Much love ♥ 🙂