‘With sons and fathers, there’s an inexplicable connection and imprint that both leave on each other.’

We invite you to an adventurous, sacred journey.  To come closer as father and son. Take time off and connect in a new way, to each other, to yourself.
Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of forests, lakes, and wildlife.

Be woken up by the song of an early bird. Share the forest with moose, deer, beavers, bear, lynx and wolves

  • A rite of passage between son and father
  • Taking the step into shared adulthood
  • Explore what is there to unfold, in our relationship, in me
  • And surely have a fun time together!

Fathers and sons, they have their own specific bond and dynamic.
Joining up, clashing, mirroring each other.

  • Did I do the right thing? Do I need his approval?
  • Who is he? What is he dreaming of?
  • What example did he have? What example did I have?
  • What is it that I aspire to in life? What to expect from him in that?
  • Should I ‘expect’? Or give space? How? How to relate? How to be free?

Far away from civilization, we go on a journey in nature. A process of reflecting, connecting, and healing.
A rite of passage inspired by ancient traditions. As father and son, take a standstill, as men, together and alone.
We take the ceremonial step into an adult relationship. Between us,  and with ourselves. As father, as son, as men.

The program in brief:

  • The first evening: time to get to know the others in a relaxed, joyous way
  • Day 2
    Early morning yoga, meditation, check-in, and breakfast
    Canoe out into a landscape of pristine lakes with charming islets and deep forests.
    Landing, building basecamp,  outdoors cooking together.
    Explore the father-son relationship. With playful exercises, dialogue, autographic journalling, drum journeying and good food
  • Day 3: morning yoga, check in. sweatlodge ceremony, start of a 16-hour solo vision quest
  • Day 4 Coming  back, sharing, who am I? Cold water bath. Witnessing, sharing.
    Step into a new, adult relationship: coming free & new bond ceremony. Journalling and sharing of new intentions
  • Day 5 Breakfast, break up camp, closing ceremony, canoejourney back to the civilized world
    Check out.

Practicalities and logistics

  • We start and finish our expedition @Fridhem, a wonderful original Swedish Mansion (shared rooms)
  • Welcome and check in: Tuesday @18:00 – Check out: Saturday @16:00
  • The first night we stay and eat @Fridhem – full board, delicious vegetarian (N.B. in case of allergies or special diets, please inform us)
  • We spent 4 days and 3 nights in nature, 2 nights in a (tipi) tent
  • During the 16 hours ‘vision quest’ we fast and sleep under the open sky (or under a tarp)

Logistics: How to get there?

  • By car: Google maps – Fridhem Stjärnsund www.frid.nu
  • International: Fly in to Arlanda airport (Stockholm)
  • Take a rental car from Arlanda (2:15 min)
  • Take the train to Hedemora, we pick you up there

To bring yourself:

  • Warm sleeping bag, sleeping mat, warm/dry clothes, and shoes
  • 2 l Water containers/bottles
    We will provide a more detailed packing list after your sign up

Costs of this unforgettable adventure: € 1250 p.p. incl VAT

More information:

Mail us in case you are hungry for more information 🙂 All questions are good questions!

Sooo much love ♥ 🙂